About HomeImage

HomeImage provides creative solutions for property marketing. Our services are specifically suited to project marketing of new developments as well as completed residential projects.

Founded by Nic Ingram in 2010, the team at HomeImage works closely with project marketing teams, developers, architects and sales teams to supply unique visual content for marketing. We provide all photography needs from pre-approval to completion; location, lifestyle, interiors, exteriors, daylight, dusk, elevated, potential views, aerial. We also supply computer generated imagery for artist's impressions and virtual furniture if necessary. And will create project naming, branding, printing and interactive website as well.

It is also with great pride we have introduced an online interactive floor plan service. Illustrative floor plans are created and hosted online where clients can view the floor plan in 2D, click it into 3D, spin it around and view the property from different angles. They can then furnish the property - using the Drag & Drop Furniture function - with their choice of interior design, choosing styles, colours, exact size measurements and angles. These furnished plans can then be saved by the client and have become a useful tool for the potential buyer to visualise the space and connect to the property.

An example of a HomeImage floor plan can be viewed by clicking here or viewing the version below. Click the 3D button at the top right of the plan to turn it into a movable 3D plan. When back in 2D, change Category within Library to access different furniture options to furnish each room. Drag and drop each piece and change size, colour and angle to your liking. Designs can then be saved by emailing. HomeImage floor plans use a Flash based technology and are best viewed on desktops or laptops and are temporarily not suited to mobile devices. HomeImage is Australia's only provider of interactive Drag and Drop furniture floor plans specifically aimed at the potential buyer. We've been providing this service since 2010.

The full range of services provided by HomeImage is well rounded and comprehensive and is individually tailored to each project. Click here for the complete List of Services.


For further information on pricing schedules and availability please call 0415718237 or email nic@homeimage.net.au.